Lessons learned from ClimaSouth as the project reaches completion

Lessons learned from ClimaSouth as the project reaches completion 

The ClimaSouth project terminated its activities at the end of March 2018. The project, launched on 1st February 2013, has been implemented over a period of 62 months with a total budget of € 5,699,670 provided by the European Union.

Final publication. A final publication on the Future of Climate Action in the South Mediterranean Region, has been produced during the end-of project capitalization phase. The publication reviews the key lessons learned since the Paris Agreement, as a result of the project’s efforts to enhance climate change strategic planning in the region.  

End-of project video. A short video on Climate Action in the Mediterranean region to recap on how the ClimaSouth project has supported the EU in forging a common response to the climate challenges facing the region has also been produced.

All information and resources generated by the project will remain freely available for consultation and download on the ClimaSouth website and knowledge management platform. Please refer in particular to the “publications” section and the knowledge base. The ClimaSouth website will remain in place until the forthcoming EU funded regional project for Climate Action in the Southern Mediterranean starts its activities, foreseeably in June/July 2018. Thereafter, all relevant resources and information will be transposed to the new project’s website.

The ClimaSouth team wishes to express its genuine gratitude to the national Focal Points in each partner country for the relentless support and collaboration. Sincere thanks are also extended to the European Union for making available the financial resources and the overall guidance for the implementation of the project.

Resources: Final publication Future of Climate Action in the South Mediterranean Region |  Promotional video Climate Action in the Mediterranean region