Improving access to climate finance

Improving access to climate finance

Improving the flow of climate finance in the South Mediterranean region was the focus of a dedicated side-event held at the COP22 in Marrakech on 15th November 2016. The main barriers hampering small and medium sized enterprises in accessing climate finance were examined, with a focus on current initiatives in Morocco aiming to overcome such constraints. Panelists and participants included prominent representatives of the private sector and other stakeholders from the region, such as the Confederation of Moroccan corporations (CGEM), the Agence de Développement Agricole (ADA) and Africa Climate Solutions.

The side event also showcased the support provided by the European Union to facilitate access to climate finance in the region. A new handbook was unveiled providing a step-by-step approach for practitioners to access climate finance. The handbook was produced by the ClimaSouth project  in collaboration with the EU-funded Facility for Regional Policy Dialogue on Integrated Maritime Policy and Climate Change (FacIMP/BE CC).  It was based on peer-to-peer seminars and training sessions, designed to support national administrations in the development and implementation of climate policy and engage more effectively in the global climate change framework.

The new ClimaSouth handbook was conceived as a toolbox for key government and other stakeholder. The tools provided focus on the preparation and assessment of project applications. The handbook is seen as a living document, to be regularly updated based on experiences and lessons learned through its use.  It builds on existing national capacities to raise funding, in compliance with the requirements of entities such as the Adaptation Fund, the Climate Investment Funds, the Green Climate Fund and other funding options.

Side event: Flyer  | Poster   

Presentations: Africa Climate Solutions | ClimaSouth project 

E-handbook: Accessing climate finance - a step by step approach for practitioners