The Lebanon Climate Act is launched

The Lebanon Climate Act is launched 

The Lebanon Climate Act was launched on 18th June in Beirut, at an event bringing together representatives from the private sector, NGOs and various institutions. The event was organized by the NGO Green Mind, in partnership with UNDP, the Central Bank and the Saint Joseph University. 

The initiative aims at catalyzing the involvement of the private sector in addressing climate change challenges in Lebanon. It will provide a space for businesses to showcase and support climate action, through concrete initiatives, contributing in a sustainable and profitable manner to a strong and effective response to climate change.

The Lebanon Climate Act is also an opportunity to establish solid partnerships between leading business organizations prepared to act to combat climate change through one or more innovative and practical climate initiatives. The aim is to achieve low-carbon solutions and increase the adaptive capacity of the Lebanese economy in key sectors such as Energy, Water, Transport, Waste,  Forestry and/ Agriculture.

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