A step forward for Egypt's Centre of Excellence on Climate Change (CECC)

A step forward for Egypt's Centre of Excellence on Climate Change (CECC)

The establishment of a Centre of Excellence on Climate Change (CECC) is one of the priorities of the Egyptian Government to address climate change adaptation and promote low carbon development.  A feasibility study being implemented in collaboration with the EU- funded ClimaSouth project, is currently assessing the main factors for the effective design and implementation of the CECC.

A wide consensus on the key functions to be attributed to of the CECC was recently reached by all principal stakeholders at a meeting held on 31 August in Cairo, Egypt.  Based on national priorities and on lessons learned from relevant international and national experiences, the main functions identified for the CECC will include knowledge generation and management, capacity building, supporting access to finance and awareness raising.

The next step in the establishment of the CECC will be to produce a detailed work plan, integrating inputs received from stakeholders and detailing associated investment requirements. The final outcome of the current feasibility study phase, will be formally presented at a dedicated side-event to be jointly held by Egypt and the ClimaSouth project at the COP22 in Marrakech. The date and time of the side event is soon to be publicly announced.