Climate finance training in Algeria and Lebanon

Climate finance training in Algeria and Jordan

Supporting South Mediterranean countries to access funds for climate action. Two training sessions were held by the ClimaSouth project on 2 - 4 July in the Algerian capital Algiers, and on 18 – 20 July in Amman, Jordan. The training sessions focused on enhancing capacity for future access to climate finance, while supporting the development of concrete proposals eligible for financing. The events attracted a fair amount of media attention, with several dedicated news items, such as those appearing in the Algerian press : El moudjahidSud Horizons and Liberté.

Coaching for the preparation of projects. The write-shops will be followed by coaching on the preparation of the project concepts and the mobilization of support from interested financiers and donors. In Algeria, the three projects under development concern energy efficiency in buildings, solar water pumping in rural areas and the establishment of a bioenergy research center. In Jordan one of the key projects being developed aims at applying recommended methods for estimating black carbon emissions while the other two focus on rooftop rainwater harvesting and solar power generation for the grid and water pumping.

A toolbox for government and other key stakeholders. A key tool supporting the approach is a step-by-step handbook for practitioners, produced by the ClimaSouth project in collaboration with the EU-funded Facility for Regional Policy Dialogue on Integrated Maritime Policy and Climate Change (FacIMP/BE CC). The e-handbook is designed to support national administrations in the development and implementation of climate policy and engage more effectively in the global climate change framework. It is a living document, to be regularly updated based on experiences and lessons learned through its use.  It builds on existing national capacities to raise funding, in compliance with the requirements of entities such as the Adaptation Fund, the Climate Investment Funds, the Green Climate Fund and other funding options. 

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