Growing green entrepreneurship in Morocco


Growing green entrepreneurship in Morocco 


Mapping Morocco’s green entrepreneurship ecosystem

Today, Morocco represents a breeding ground for green entrepreneurship. The number of green start-ups is growing significantly and the country has been hailed as a model for green growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. According to the new report “Igniting Climate Entrepreneurship in Morocco”, published by  the World Bank Group (WBG), in collaboration with the Morocco Climate Innovation Center,  young Moroccan entrepreneurs are innovative and creating technologies and solutions to solve some of the country’s greatest environmental challenges. Typically, the profile of Moroccan green entrepreneurs is young, educated, working in diverse sectors spanning from green information technology to energy efficiency. 

Start-ups are experimenting with a wide range of innovations. For example, ELum offers an Artificial Intelligence software to optimize the flow of energy between solar panels, battery systems and the grid in order to reduce the electricity bills of commercial and industrial buildings. Another start-up, Evaptainers, offers an electricity-free mobile refrigeration technology to keep food fresh. By using only sunlight and water, this technology reduces greenhouse gas emission originating from conventional refrigeration and from food spoilage.

Improving the climate entrepreneurship ecosystem. Although the potential for climate entrepreneurship is high in Morocco, there are various constraints weakening its momentum. Significant investments are required in key areas such as policy, financing and markets. A dedicated legisaltive instrument, such as the Start-Up Act being pioneered elsewhere in  the Mediterrenean, would go a great length in easing the culture of risk during the earliest stages of developing innovations, while setting the tone for dynamism throughout the sector.


Resources:  Igniting Climate Entrepreneurship in Morocco: World Bank Report  |  Legislation to support innovative Start-ups : Report to the Italian Parliament