Institutional Framework

Institutional framework


The National Commission for Sustainable Development (NCSD)

Attached to the Prime Ministry, the NCSD was created in 1993 by decree. Its mission is to develop and implement a strategy and a national action plan for sustainable development with the aim of reconciling the economic and social development with rational use of natural resources.


The National Committee on Climate Change/ Focal Agency (NCCC)

The NCCC was established in 1996 and was reorganized in 2001 becoming a focal structure. It is based at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development ( MEDD ). Its main mission is to coordinate climate change related works.


Information Centre on Sustainable Energy and Environment (CIEDE)

The CIEDE was created within the National Agency for Energy Conservation in April 2001. It is in charge of the implementation of Article 6 of the UNFCCC through promotion, raising awareness, education, training and information climate change activities.


CDM Task force

Established in December 2005, its main mission consists in fostering the set-up of CDM projects in such a way as to contribute in mobilizing the GHG reduction potential in the industry and energy sectors, as well as to facilitate the implementation of the CDM projects.


UNFCCC focal point

M. Imed Fadhel, General Directorate of Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment.


The Designated National Authority (DNA)

The Tunisian DNA was registered at the UNFCCC in early 2005. It is organized in the form of a committee which comprises DNA President (Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development), The Permanent Secretariat of the DNA which is ensured by the General Directorate of Environment and the Quality of Life relating to under the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, and DNA members representing 9 ministries and 6 organizations.


Its main role is to evaluate the proposals for CDM projects, to make sure that they meet the objectives of the Sustainable Development of the country.