Negotiations & Implementation

Negotiation & Implementation


The ClimaSouth project offers training of policy makers and socio-economic decision makers on negotiation positions fostering ownership of the path towards a "Climate Change Resilient" and "Low Carbon Developmment/Economy". Partner countries are facing pressing social and economic needs and are concerned that internationally agreed climate action may impact their development. Although these countries are prepared to adopt ‘Low carbon solutions’, the actual costs are yet to be estimated. Through capacity building and training events, the ClimaSouth project is promoting relevant "Low Carbon Development" strategies.


Enhancing negotiation capacity/knowledge

The project supports capacity development related to international climate negotiations on low carbon development and resilience to climate change. Activities include climate science and modelling, improving understanding and capacities on low carbon development paths (mitigation), and resilience to climate change (adaptation), technology cooperation and finance to improve positioning in international negotiations.


Improving awareness to climate change issues

Awareness activities aim at highlighting the importance of climate change and of associated costs and benefits of mitigation and adaptation actions as well as how climate change may be integrated throughout national policymaking. The project provides technical and help desk facilities and specific events on practical issues, such as expert meetings and training courses on Low Carbon Development, resilience to climate change and finance.