Low carbon development

Low Carbon Development


ClimaSouth activities on mitigation/low carbon development are in line with UNFCCC provisions and guidelines and the new climate agreement achieved in Paris. They include:


Increasing GHG emissions reporting capacity with Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV/GHG)

  • Capacity building based on an assessment of existing institutions and best practices to increase GHG emission reporting, and mitigation modelling and analysis.
  • Capacity building to reinforce appropriate institutional settings on MRV of GHG emissions, focusing on requirements/protocols at sector and activity level and related consulting/advisory services for the collection and management of data on GHG emissions
  • Technical assistance to develop MRV tools such as protocols and indicators
  • Strengthening GHG emission data management.


Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS)

  • Identification, selection and development of credible and environmentally sound NAMA portfolios on the basis of analytical work done in the various key sectors.
  • Targeted technical assistance for the development of 3 national pilot NAMAs ready for implementation (financing to be addressed through the climate financing project component).
  • Training on the purpose and content of LEDS and their linkage with the National Climate Change Strategies and the development of greener national economies.
  • LEDS formulation associated with the development and implementation of pilot NAMAs and other mitigation measures conducted at the national level.


Emissions reduction estimations

  • Analysis of the 3 connected GHG work topics: GHG inventory reporting and low carbon options and scenarios: LEDS & NAMAs identification & formulation and CO2eq emission reduction estimates from the 3 pilot NAMAs .
  • Training for CO2eq emission reduction estimation of LEDS and pilot NAMAs.
Interview with El Sayed Sabry Nasr MANSOUR - Mitigation Expert