Resilience & Adaptation

Resilience & Adaptation


The project supports the strengthening of institutional adaptation capacity towards climate resilience. Capacity enhancements are being built across the spectrum of climate information, vulnerability assessments and adaptation strategies. Activities are structured in ways that increase regional cooperation and promote sharing of experiences and case studies at the country level.


The adaptation / resilience work of the ClimaSouth project focuses on three main areas:

  • Improving climate information by enhancing climate data management (including data sharing) and the use of climate science, to strengthen societal resilience to climate change.
  • Improving and carrying out vulnerability assessments with appropriate methodologies and tools.
  • Enhancing / updating existing adaptation strategies and plans, and paving the way for sustained implementation of adaptation measures, including through pilot activities.


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ClimaSouth products & activities

The following key information and communication products and tools realised by the project are currently available, for the most part in three language editions (English, French, Arabic) :