Promoting dialogue

Promoting dialogue & enhancing regional cooperation


The ClimaSouth project aims to improve the quality of regional dialogue, both between partner countries and with the European Union (EU). This is achieved across all thematic areas, by facilitating networking as well as online and regular face to - face contacts. 

Joint actions involving various partner countries are supported, such as scientific assessments of risks and opportunities, contributing to the establishment of baselines on climate change. National initiatives with a strong cross-sectoral and/or regional scope are sustained, such as centres of excellence on climate change involving partner countries.


Coordination with technical & financial partners

The ClimaSouth project coordinates closely with technical and financial partners operating in the region, through collaborative capacity needs assessments at national and regional levels. The  systematic exchange and dissemination of information also helps to improve coordination among potential donors. 


Access to information

The project facilitates access to information on climate change in the Mediterranean region, while aggregating & disseminating news and best practices about climate action. 

Technical assistance and capacity building activities under this project component, contribute to achieving anticipated outcomes across the various thematic areas covered by the project.


ClimaSouth products & tools

The following key information and communication products and tools realised by the project are currently available, for the most part in three language editions (English, French, Arabic) :