About the Climasouth Project

The ClimaSouth project supports climate change mitigation and adaptation in 9 South Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. The project was initiated in February 2013 and will be implemented over 48 months with a total budget of 5 million Euros provided by the European Union ( ENP ). Key stakeholders include technical government departments at operational and policy level, UNFCCC focal points, decision makers, and other stakeholders such as local government and civil society representatives. Its overall objective is to assist with the transition of partner countries towards low carbon economies and enhanced climate resilience.   View the ClimaSouth flyer


No Country Alone

The ClimaSouth project has produced a documentary  on climate change  in the Mediterranean region.  In the aftermath of the historical Paris agreement, the documentary examines the reality of climate  change through  the experiences of ordinary people, and the insights of leading scientists and decision makers currently shaping the region’s agenda for climate action. [read more]