Update on ClimaSouth activities in Algeria

Update on ClimaSouth activities in Algeria

European Climate Diplomacy Week. A day of information and communication during the Climate Diplomacy Week was held by the European Union (EU) Delegation in Algeria on the 21st of June. The high level meeting saw the participation of Directors from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Environment as well as the EU Ambassador, and the Ambassadors from Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Sweden. The meeting highlighted the need for all countries to pursue the path towards low carbon development. The EU was taken as a good example of how decoupling development and CO2 emissions is feasible and economically sound. Sweden informed participants about the promulgation of a new law aiming to achieve zero emissions by 2045. Bernardo Sala, ClimaSouth team leader, presented the project’s broad objectives and work areas as well the specific actions undertaken in Algeria. He also highlighted the role of ClimaSouth as a regional platform for information sharing.

Climate downscaling for forest fire prevention. A technical meeting to appraise progress with this activity supported by the ClimaSouth project, was held on 21 June in Algiers. Participants included representatives from key partners organizations: the National Meteorology Office (ONM), the National Climate Change Agency (ANCC), the Forestry Department (DGF), as well as the CS National Focal Point and the Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC). The DGF presented the risk maps produced since the latest training session conducted in May. The risk maps are now considered final and the next steps discussed at the meeting include their technical validation, the preparation of a final report as well as the proposed elaboration of an action plan scheduled to be presented at a gathering later in the year.

Coastal vulnerability assessment. All training sessions foreseen under this ClimaSouth supported regional activity have been concluded. The outstanding problems with the download of the dedicated DESYCO software have been solved. The software is now operational and a final report on the activities should be finalized shortly. A workshop will be organized later in the year, to present the final results together with those of the Forest Fire Prevention activity, and promote the use of these new methodologies nationwide. 

Climate finance support.  A climate finance training/write-shop will take place in Algiers on 02 – 04 July. The training will be conducted on the basis of the ClimaSouth E -Handbook N.8, following the methodological approach developed for the elaboration of financing proposals for climate-relevant projects and programs.

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